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  • Optic Portable Laser Cutter
  • Filter Cartridge (Installed)
  • Pre-Filter (Washable)
  • Height Gauge
  • Power Supply
  • USB-C Cable - 3ft
  • USB-C Cable - 6ft
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Maintenance Kit
  • Documentation
Accuracy and precision
Easy set up in seconds
Hundreds of materials
Infinite workspace in XYZ
Built-in 3-stage Filtration
Folds to go anywhere

How it works


1. Unfold your Optic

Begin using the Optic by effortlessly unfolding its unique design.


2. Create your digital layout

Create/import and layout your vector or image design in LightBurn.


3. Position your material

Position your material on the cutting mat and focus the laser.


4. Engrave and cut

Send your design to Optic and watch your ideas come to life.


5. Assemble your product

Use the parts for your prototype or product (and repeat!).


6. Fold-up your Optic

Fold your Optic up and store it away!

Additional features

In addition to the infinite work area, portability, and built-in filtration, the Optic has unique and intuitive features for all creatives.


Cutting Mat

The foldable cutting mat provides a laser-safe aluminum top and industrial felt bottom to protect your work surface.


Alignment Grid

Optic’s calibrated cutting mat grid perfectly matches LightBurn’s grid so that you can precisely and intuitively align your digital artwork with the physical workspace. 


Dual Diode Laser with Active Cooling

The Optic Portable Laser Cutter features our custom 12W multi-diode laser module to achieve the most powerful solid-state laser cutting available.  


Air Assist

Optic’s Air-Assist Curtain works in harmony with the integrated filtration system and minimizes the fumes in the beam path for optimal efficiency.



The Optic is the only desktop laser cutter with built-in filtration. The laser cutter comes with replaceable multi-stage filter cartridges so you can use it wherever and whenever you need to without worrying about permanent exhaust ducts.



Each Optic includes one pre-filter to increase the filter lifespan by catching the bigger particulate upfront.

High-Power Multi-Diode Laser: 12W optical output
Focus Method: Manual adjustment with 3-stage precision height gauge
Focal Length: 0.78” (20mm)
Beam Size: 10-100 microns
Cooling: Multi-fan active cooling
Work Area: 18” x 12.2” (457mm x 310mm)
or unlimited with detached cutting mat
Dimensions (operable configuration): 24.71” x 24.58” x 4.60” (WxDxH)
Dimensions (storage configuration): 24.71” x 4.32” x 6.32” (WxDxH)
Weight: 16.25 pounds (7.37 kg)
Software: LightBurn with Optic package
(Windows, Mac, and Linux compatible)
File Types (Vector and Image): SVG, AI, PDF, DXF, PNG, JPG, BMP, and many more.
Connectivity: USB-C
Power: 100W USB-C
Power Requirements: 100–240V and 50Hz to 60Hz
Recommended Operating Temperature: 50° to 75° F (10° to 24° C)
Limited Warranty: 1-year limited hardware warranty

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