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Customize, prototype, create with more capabilities

Meet Optic — the first portable laser cutter with built-in filtration and infinite workspace capabilities. Optic gives you the ability to create anywhere, such as  your studio apartment, garage, woodshop, or even onsite for a special project. Simply unfold Optic within seconds to bring the power of laser cutting and engraving to your projects. Learn more about our story.


Optic’s foldability means you can create in any space, and simply store it away when you’re done. Easily switch between the compact 4.5 x 6.5 x 24.75 inch storage size and the generous 12 x 18 inch base work area. No constraints — just seamless creativity.

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Built-in filtration

We designed Optic with unique built-in filtration, removing the need for a window exhaust or separate filtration device. Similar to a CNC router dust boot, it pulls in laser-generated smoke and fumes in through the filter where the HEPA and high-activity carbon media capture the contaminants.

Infinite workspace in XYZ

Optic makes big dreams come true. Simply detach its cutting mat to use Optic directly on surfaces of any size and thickness, such as a large wooden sheet. For projects larger than the 18 x 12 inch base work area, cut or engrave your design in sections instructing the software to precisely align each part.

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“The Optic…makes my design process much more simplified and much more streamlined.”

Alissa Werres,

Off on a Tangent

“Being able to store it when not using it and get it out to start work in minutes is important.”

Quinn Franklin,

The Nimble Barber

"Very compact, a new form factor for a laser cutter than what...we've used in the past."

Jen Schachter,

Adam Savage's Tested

“Optic makes prototyping, trial and error, and trying different things really easy, really fast.”

Jesse Kirsch

No Plan Press

How it works

More materials. More possibilities.

Optic lets you customize existing objects and create with a wide variety of materials including cardstock, wood, acrylic, fabric, leather, foam, rubber, metals, and stone.







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