Optic Portable Laser Cutter

Optic is the most powerful solid state laser cutter currently on the market. It is also the only machine to offer integrated filtration, LightBurn compatibility, infinite work area capabilities, and a foldable design.

Optic works right out of the box.  Whether beginner or advanced, many Optic users have created their first project within an hour after unboxing. Our Optic 101 tutorials here make it easy to start.

With Optic, you have the flexibility to laser cut and engrave without a bulky, permanent setup. It conveniently fits any space and situation, such as your apartment, garage, woodshop, or even onsite for a special project. This also enables the infinite workspace capability, allowing you to place Optic on larger materials and objects. When you don’t need it, you can simply fold up your Optic – just like a laptop.

Please see here for a full list of materials and thicknesses Optic can cut and engrave.

No, LightBurn is not included. You only need one license for any number of compatible laser cutters. You can purchase a LightBurn - GCode License Key and download the software here, if needed.

LightBurn runs on your desktop (Windows, Mac, or Linux) and does not require an internet connection. Desktop-based means that you will not have to worry about software outages ever.

The infinite work area process is simple and does not require the exact positioning of the Optic.

After repositioning the Optic, matching the laser pointer with two specified points on the artwork allows the included software, LightBurn, to precisely align the next tile in the sequence.

We designed the Optic Portable Laser Cutter so that you can perform all routine maintenance and even self-service most replacements. You will receive all the required tools and a starter cleaning kit in the box.

The lifespan of a filter depends on various factors such as the type and thickness of materials you process, the designs you create, and cutting versus engraving settings. For example, materials like MDF contain adhesive that can saturate the filter faster than natural wood; designs with deep engravings remove multiple times as much material as shallower engravings, average cutting operations can produce more particulate than typical engravings.

Based on our testing, we anticipate that the filters will last between one and three months under average use, and we are performing further testing on the pre-production filters to develop more accurate lifespan estimates for various scenarios.

To increase the filter lifespan, Optic also includes a washable pre-filter that catches the bigger particulate.

The Optic Portable Laser Cutter has an integrated filtration system that pulls in the fumes right at their origin, similar to dust shoes on CNC machines.

However, since laser-cut materials can still generate smells after they come out of any laser cutter, we always recommend using these machines in well-ventilated areas.

Optic’s recommended operating temperature is 50° to 75° F (10° to 24° C) to ensure effective cooling of the laser source and achieve the longest continuous run time under proper operation.

The Optic Portable Laser Cutter features our custom multi-diode laser module to achieve the most powerful solid-state laser cutting available.

With Optic’s modular design, we have also accounted for the possibility of an even more powerful laser module upgrade in the future.

The quick answer is that Optic can engrave clear acrylic but only cut and engrave colored translucent or opaque acrylic.

The Optic’s laser module works within the visible spectrum which means that the color of the acrylic impacts the efficiency at which it is cut or engraved.

Clear acrylic is compatible for engraving, but much more challenging to cut so we advise against it.

Here is an example of Optic’s current vector cut settings for birch plywood at varying thicknesses. We are also testing possible upgrades to the laser module and tuning the material library which could result in even better settings.

3mm, 8mm/s, 4 passes
7mm, 10mm/s, 6 passes
10mm, 10mm/s, 14 passes


In order to maintain efficient production and shipping, we're currently producing only 100 Optics per month.

You will receive your product within 30-45 days of your order, unless otherwise specified.

We offer carriers that provide the most efficient service at a reasonable cost to ship your order. When selecting a shipping method, please be aware that your shipment may ship via an alternate carrier, as long as the delivery time frame is maintained. You will receive a tracking number via email once your order ships.


Optic comes with a one-year limited hardware warranty against defects.

Please review our refund policy here.